Monday, October 20, 2008

Help Austin Vegan Bakers!

If you live in Austin and are vegan you're probably aware that Dhaba Joy (Austin's vegan bakery/cafe) recently closed it's delicious vegan bakery doors with virtually NO warning leaving both it's out-of-work bakers and die-hard fans deeply distressed.

While I can't open a new bakery, I'd like to do my own part in helping these bakers during their tough times. So vegans of Austin, and the world, do not fret! Andrea and Kathryn are now taking online orders Via their myspace:
ATX Vegan Bakers

Not a fan of myspace?
Call: 512.351.6502 OR 517.614.7903

Talking on the phone annoys you?

Need proof that these two girls are the best vegan bakers around??

What's that? You live FAR from Austin and don't think you can order?? NO WORRIES. Andrea has hand drawn, glued, cut and pasted her first cookbook and it can be purchased here:
Andrea's Esty's Page

As Andrea says "Its more than a cookbook...its a work of art"

Now, no excuses people. Show a little vegan love LOL. I mean, I know if I were stranded suddenly without a job I'd love any help I could get so I need to do my part here.


PS- also for any friends back home my birthday is a month away and counting.... perhaps this post will give you bday gift ideas?! haha


Celine said...

wishing you an early happy birthday because I suck at remembering. how's that for being efficient?

Sunshine said...

Aw, thanks so much TEddy!!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Oh no! I am SO depressed about this! I was going to be in Austin for my birthday in November and was totally planning on going to Dhaba... What a shame it's closed!

I even heard they had a vegan pop-tart recipe...