Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Daikon & Squash Soup

Ok, short post today. Life’s a little hectic. I’m hoping to move this weekend but don’t actually have a place yet and JUST got an offer letter from a job this morning. At lunch I’m going to apply for a place because I have school all night.


Moving on... :)

Last night I decided to use the rest of my squash and some daikon radish in a hearty stew. Daikon is new to me so I honestly wasn’t sure how to use it. There were about a million and 3 ingredients in here and I just boiled them until they became soft. I wanted to thicken up the stew to give it a heavier feel without adding a bunch of fat so I took some of the veggies out and pureed them in the blender using some broth and a splash of coconut milk as liquid. To add a crispy texture I added fried tofu on top (kind of like croutons but a million times better). Scallions were only supposed to help the picture look better but it really added another dimension of flavor to the dish.

For my first attempt at daikon radish wasn’t horrid but I can’t say that it’s something I’ll be rushing into the kitchen to make again. Not bad but not great. It looks like I should research this veggie some to get new ideas.

How do you use daikon radish in your kitchen?


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