Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Natural Epicurean Tea Party

Ok. I am tired. Wait no, I’m not tired I’m T- I- R- E- D.

Healthier desserts went a little late last night, then I came home and shared my goodies from class, then I got to watching some tv to turn off my brain/relax and before I know it, it’s 2am. Now it feels like the wee hours of the morning and I am actually drinking coffee today.

Normally coffee is a no-go for me because I hate the crash later in the day but today a cafinated beverage is required to get me even half way through the day! Good thing there’s no class tonight.

Moving on, last Saturday the Natural Epicurean had a potluck/tea party. I was in a tizzy trying to figure out what to bring. Thank god for google eh? ;)

These sweet treats consist of toasted brown rice, sesame seeds, sun flower seeds, oats and brown rice syrup. At first I was sure they turned out terribly. While making the recipe I thought there was entirely too much brown rice syrup and I cut the amount by half a cup. There was still WAY too much syrup in my opinion but I kind of salvaged them by rolling them in coarsely chopped almonds.

Everyone seemed to like them- YAY! People were asking what was in them and for the recipe- which I was hesitant to give because it definitely needs to be reworked. :)

I forgot to take pictures until practically everyone left. All the food had been devoured at this point but that just means it was a very successful potluck.

Towards the end of the party Christina came and brought 2 delicious desserts.

Her love bites- aka raspberry chocolate heaven

Coconut cream mini cakes(I don’t know the name)

Did I mention this was my first fully vegan potluck? I know that they have them in the community here too. I’ll probably be attending one of those. I’d love to make some new acquaintances that way ;)

Alright, what I really need to be focusing on right now is my half caf coffee (does anyone else think of Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming when they hear “half caf”? I’ve never even seen the movie but I remember that scene from the commercials. Odd how I remember the most random things)

See you all soon!



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What a fun party- Looks like there's plenty of delicious food at least!