Monday, September 08, 2008

Mr. Natural

I've driven by Mr. Naturals practically every day since I've moved to Austin. Each time I make a mental note to stop by there sometime. A full month of noting ended this weekend when on a whim, while out grocery shopping with cara, I suggested stopping right then and checking it out. Traffic was backed up because of construction and it was a great way to pass some time.

Mr. Natural is a buffet style vegetarian/vegan eatery. It reminds me of an Indian place back home where you just walk up and point to the items you want and they place them either in a togo container or a plate. I suggest getting the lunch special if your timing is right. It’s probably the most bang for your buck at $6.99 for a whole mess of food; salad, entrĂ©e, and 2 sides.

Mexican food and I get along very well and I chose the black bean and tofu burrito, two mini gorditas, and nopalitos (cactus in an amazing red sauce). The burrito itself wasn’t fantastic but the salsa that you can request on the side was killer. I’ve never had nopalitos before and I have to say if I hadn’t been told this was cactus, I would have thought it was potato goodness.

Overall, a good lunch with leftovers but other things seemed a little pricey and I’m not an advocate of buffet style food. I noticed that Mr. Naturals had a large desserts section and asked if the good were vegan or not; they are. I’ll have to go back there and see if the vegan treats are any good.

Tonight is my second Healthier Desserts Class!!



Urban Vegan said...

I'd love this place, especially since R. Crumb [who drew the cartoon Mr. Natural back in the day] is one of my favorite artists.

Rural Vegan said...

If you play the video on my blog post you can hear the turbine. It isn't quiet by any means, but I think the sound is absolutely mesmerizing! Have fun at Healthier Desserts - this sounds like a really fun school!