Monday, September 01, 2008

Holiday Weekend

I start school tomorrow!
It's pretty exciting and a little nerve racking since I'm not sure what to expect. Getting this next week under my belt will be fantastic. I'll have a vague idea of how the next 2 years of my life will be going. Also, I may have found a permanent job but nothing's signed and done so I'll say no more to be sure not to jinx it.

Hatch chilies

Hatch chilies are EVERYWHERE here (apparently they just had a festival). I nabbed a few and found they were not too spicy but they had enough kick to make them worth the buy. If you'd like hatch salsa, hatch butter, hatch cheese, hatch ANYTHING it shouldn't be too hard to find right now in Austin.

The best part about hatch chili fever are the roasters outside the grocery store that leave the entire city block smelling of smokey goodness.

Cara and I show our spirit

If you have a heartbeat and live in Austin you know that Saturday was the first UT football home game. Of course ticket prices are sold out before I think of whether or not I can afford to buy them (I can't afford them at all). Cara, Mike and I decided to go to a local bar to enjoy drinks and the game. When in Rome right??

UT dominated the game and easily steamrolled FL. While UT was kicking some booty we enjoyed some Mexican martinis and Shiner. Mexican martini's are officially my new favorite drink of Texas. Who doesn't like a drink that comes with a sword?!

Today officially marks 1 month since I left CA and it seems like it's going to take another full month to get settled in 100%. I'll be apt hunting soon and starting school and a new job- busy times for me, eh?

Hope all is well and see you soon!


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