Sunday, May 04, 2008

Couches, Cats and Cucumber Salad

I read a lot of blogs, arguably TOO many- if that's possible hehe
Last week I recall reading about someone's potato salad. Potato salad screams summer to me but unfortunately I had no potatoes. However, I do have cucumber and that makes a great salad as well.
1 cucumber + 2 tsp of apple vinegar + 1 heavy pinch of sugar or some agave + 1 scallion + some finely julienned carrots = ONE GREAT cucumber salad

This is my roommate's kitty and we've been chilling on this couch lately. That is what weekends were made for right? ...
YEP, I think so too ;)

Better get back to it eh?


PS I must mention that I got up off the couch for bowling with Cara and Mike. Guess who got her first turkey EVER!! I rule haha


Bianca said...

What a cute kitty!! And a fresh-looking salad. Yea for veggie season!

Simple and Divine said...

OMG I love love LOOOVE this picture of your cat! It totally epitomizes that kitty stare :) Love it!!

Wheeler's Frozen Dessert said...

That cucumber salad looks delicious! I love cucumbers ... and the apple vinegar adds a nice flavorful touch!