Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Or as Cara and I call it, Cinco de Mikeo (it's her bf Mike's birthday).
Do you like my red, green and white combo above? It's tomato, garlic/onion and green peppers/cilantro. That alone would be a tasty salsa but what kind of cinco de mikeo would it be without guacamole?

Add one avocado and scoop away with organic blue corn tortilla chips.

Great news to anyone who lives near Henry's... Avocados are only 33 cents right now!! I picked myself up about 4 or 5. I think it's about time for me to try an avocado shake. Stay tuned to see if I chicken out haha ;)



Catherine said...

Oh, how I love love love avocadoes! And guacamole (but I don't put tomatoes in mine. This is a cause for serious debate among many, isn't it?) Thirty cents, though? Wow. I'm lucky if I can get avocadoes for 99 cents. Darn midwest. (But we do get tons of cheap berries in the summer and apples in the fall -- I guess every region has its benefits.)

Cara said...

1) gauc is amazing

2) avocado shakes are GREAT!! It is a tradition in Brazil, and Mike's parents made it for me once, now Mike makes it every once in awhile. AMAZING. mmmmmmmmmm

Bianca said...

Wow! 33 cent avocados?! I'm jealous. I'd be making crazy amounts of guac with those prices!

Rural Vegan said...

Avocados for 33 cents?! I think I would have filled a grocery cart up!