Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Black Beans

Cara Cooks Wednesday is already here?

My, my this week is going by too quickly. Yesterday I fulfilled my civic duty and went to the central court for jury duty. Although I wasn't called in I did enjoy watching the Price is Right (which I haven't watched in years but loved as a child) and over hearing some elderly women bicker about what exactly was wrong with the world today... I won't get to experience that again for at least a whole year :)

I'm not going to lie, I actually like jury duty. Hordes of citizens with completely different backgrounds gathering for a common purpose. It makes for fantastic people watching.

Back to dinner.

If there is one food/dish I could eat multiple times in a week and not be completely bored or get sick of it- it's beans and rice. 1st I like the beans to be spicy- I just like spicy food- 2nd I like my beans in more of a CA Mex style with tons of cilantro and tomato.

Lucky for me, this is how Cara likes her beans too :)

Thanks for another yummy Cara Cooks Wednesday

How do you like your beans??



Susan from Food Blogga said...

So you're from Costa Mesa? I used to live in Long Beach. It's only 5:48 and I'm getting a hankering for some black beans... maybe some heuvos rancheros for breakfast?

Cara said...

I like them the way I made them. :-) haha.

where's the cornbread?