Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shiitake Soup

One of the best features of the infamous Irvine farmers market that I often mention on here are the mushrooms. They're cheaper and much more fresh than most mushrooms found at a grocery store. Tragically, I arrived late at to the farmers market this week. I had hoped to pick up some oyster mushrooms but those are always the first to go.
Actually, I think my favorite mushrooms are a tie between shiitake and oyster; however, I was jonesing for oysters.
Anywho- This girl was fortunate enough to grab a handful of shiitakes.

There was a bit of a cold/rainy weekend recently so I made a lunchtime soup out of the shiitake. The dish included garlic, unchicken broth, ramen, with green onion and toasted sesame top it off. It very much hit the spot and was comforted me through the rain. There is nothing better than a warm blanket, a bowl of soup and a movie on a rainy day. I look forward to rainy days- they are a get reason to do absolutely nothing here.

I've had several MORE birthdays pop up- you can can expect to see more cupcakes soon!



Cara said...

What is unchicken broth? geesh. was it my fault that week or yours for being late? if it was mine, sorry. ahah

Anonymous said...

Teddy, that soup looks delicious. You know I'm a mushroom freak, please let me have the recipe?