Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Okay... I have a new love- not technically a NEW love but whatever. COCONUT

We can all thank WholeFoods for this healthy obsession. Leave it to them to make coconut a convenient food.

Coconuts have always been delicious but a pain in this girl's be-hind to open. I know there are a million tips on how to crack them but face it, you need some sort of TOOL or strength to jimmy them open. Since I am lacking in both of those categories, coconuts are a rare delicacy had only when someone else wants one (preferably someone stronger and with the proper tools).

Back to the main point, WholeFoods sells fresh pre-cracked/opened/what-have-you coconuts! Now... it's very possible that every store sells this and I never noticed but I'm excited so don't rain on my parade :) Either way, I have a great new snack at work with a LOT less hassle



Rural Vegan said...

Does the meat get dried out when you buy them pre-opened, assuming that the coconut milk must be gone?

Cara said...

maybe I should finally invest in this next time I go to whole foods with you. hmmm.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

mmmm yay for coconut!

Carrie™ said...

I haven't had fresh coconut in years! Mainly because of the reasons you gave - what a pain to get into. I should keep my eyes peeled for ready-cut coconut. Hey, they do it for pineapple and squash, so why not coconut?