Monday, March 26, 2007

Thai Bro's Restaurant

Very often I crave Thai food late at night. The problem with that is that most Thai places are closed by 10PM. Thus, Richard and I began a search for a Thai eatery with late hours.
After some intense "googling" we found Thai Bro's Restaurant in Laguna Beach, CA.
I was extremely skeptical about this place (come on, the word BRO in your name??) but it's open till 1Am on the weekends or later.
We had to give it a shot. Upon arrival I was pleased to see they had a vegetarian section of the menu and they even asked whether we eat eggs or not. They also offered to change most any item on their menu to suit our veggie diet.

Here are our choices:

Richard had Pad Woodsen

I choose the Drunken Noodles which usually come with beef but they added tofu instead.

Thai Bro's will definitely more than satisfy my late night Thai need. Although I did not find my dish to be spicy, it was flavorful and I gobbled up every bite (just to clarify, most people would have found it to be spicy enough; I have a higher than average tolerance and I'm sure they'll adjust to your taste).

Richard's dish was just as good as mine and I found that both of us were sneaking bites from each other's plates.

Overall, I was impressed and am overjoyed to have a new late night hideaway.


P.S. Unfortunately I was unable to find a restaurant website; I only found it on a listing of Thai eateries in OC, CA


pinknest said...

ooh it looks great. and thai at 1 in the morning...perfect. :)

KleoPatra said...

Hey, what a find! Congrat's on this... And "BRO" had me laughin', Teddy... guess ya can't always judge a restaurant by its name, unless it's "McDonald's" - ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. I 'll definitely put this on my list of eateries the next time I'm in Orange County.