Saturday, March 24, 2007

Strawberry Banana Shake

My family had a fiesta yesterday. John added homemade strawberry banana shakes to the menu and zapped one up for me as soon as I arrived. The sweet, fruit filed treat was a great way to kick off spring. I wanted to gulp it all down but I kept it together and quietly sipped :)

After all of the food we headed out to play some tennis. Unfortunately it was beginning to get dark. Tennis is the dark is quite adventurous though.

They weekend is coming to an end again. Hope you've made the most of it.


PS The classes I'll be taking are for HR. I'm getting my certification and I already have a degree in management.


Melody said...

Tennis in the dark? Looks like fun!

The smoothie looks delicious.

Urban Vegan said...

Nothing like a frosty health shake!

If I played tennis in the dark, I woul dbe even more dangerous than I am when it's light out.

KleoPatra said...

HR! Good for you. I'm curious about your classes, maybe you can share sometime.

That shake looks excellent!!

I've played tennis at night, and also in the dark (till the lights warm up on my condo courts)... that must've been interesting indeed!!!