Thursday, March 15, 2007

Family Veg Night

Family night was at my place this week. It was a simple take out week. We ordered Macaroni Grill to-go. Pasta is a rare meal here. I prefer asian cuisine (most likely because I'm addicted to spicy food in a terrible way)

When I have pasta I prefer the thinner Capellini or Angel haired noodle. I ordered Angel hair pasta with pesto, fresh tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Most restaurants give too much food for me but I enjoy leftovers for lunch.

Now that we're stuffed onto the main event; my parents met Rufus.

Hamsters are nocturnal and he wasn't in a rush to wake up while they were over. I managed to get him to pop out for a second though.

After dinner was over and we were getting ready for bed is when Rufus really awoke. Great news! My parents brought Rufus a present: a ball for him to exercise in! He gave it a spin when they left and had a grand time bumping into all sorts of new objects.

The evening was full of food and fun as per usual :)



Melody said...

I love this tradition you have with your family.

It is shocking how huge restaurant portions are.. no wonder why americans are so fat!

Your hair is getting really long.. it looks nice on you.

Cara said...

Rufus is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!

Veg*Triathlete said...

What a cutie Rufus is! I love your family veg night posts :-)

KleoPatra said...

Go Rufus! Lookin' good with his new ball to play in. You look really happy at Family Veg Night, i love all the smiles. AND the great food! What could be better??

Linda said...

i prefer angel hair as well. either tiny or rigatoni -- there's no inbetween for me.

Anonymous said...

i like big fat spaghetti. thin spaghetti tastes like cardboard. i know this.