Thursday, February 22, 2007

Family Veg Night

It seems that now-a-days John is the amazing Wednesday night chef. Personally, I'm thrilled (see evidence above). Yesterday it was a warming yellow curry with tofu, potatoes and cauliflower. Best part of the meal is the FRIED TOFU! My parents own a deep fryer. Not healthy, yet it's completely delicious (isn't that how it always goes hehe?).

My next kitchen toy will be a slow cooker. I have been coveting the deep fryer but that will lead me down a weight gaining road. Another Wednesday, another fabulous meal!



Urban Vegan said...

Pimped up aloo gobhi--yum. Fried tofu is my guilty pleasure, too.

KleoPatra said...

hmmm... slow cooker vs. deep fryer.

I think i'd take the slow cooker too. I'm not a deep-fried fan, tho i have to say that the fried tofu was probably VERY tasty!!

Melody said...

a slow cooker is a very wise purchase compared to a deep fryer! the deep fried tofu looks great though!

Vanessa said...

yeah, I have a slow cooker - but not a deep fryer. i'm afraid if I did I'd start deep frying my breakfast cereal.