Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pumpkin Day

I've bought 3 pumpkins today (two small sweet ones and one large for carving.)

Fall has been here a while and today I'm turning on the oven and embracing it! :)

Pictures to come soon

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Anonymous said...

Woo- I just found your blog today, and I have so much to comment on. First of all, happy anniversary to you and Richard! Those gifts look really cool. I use my mortar and pestle to muddle mint for cocktails like Mojitos and Caiprinhas and things like that. I also grind cloves in it, and actually all spices if I'm making curry from scratch.
And I can't wait to come back and see what you made with the pumpkins- I just bought one too and am trying to decide what sounds fun. If you go to the Vegetarian Times (magazine) website and enter "pumpkin" they have tons and tons of recipes to choose from.
Ahh, I lived in Irvine until last year and your blog is bringing memories back... Royal Thai... sigh!
Thanks for all the great photos and ideas.