Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lunch time

I thoroughly enjoy making lunches for Richard and me. To know that Richard's eating a good meal when he's not with me is nice.
Last night I stayed up a bit because I haven't made our lunches in a while. I decided to make a hardy, stick-to-your-bones meal. Chili over a baked potato topped with chives.

Richard came home, thanked me, and let me know he liked the meal because it really filled him up. :-)

What is your favorite thing for lunch?



Annie said...

Oooh. That does look harty!
I usually eat a light lunch and it usually involves either a sandwich, calzone, spinach pizza, or spinach pie.

Anonymous said...

My favorite lunch is a salad and some leftover soup. Your chili looks very appetizing--I wish I had some leftover chili in my fridge. Chili would be very good right now...

Anonymous said...

YUM! Potatoes are one of our favorites here! Your chili looks great!!! I'm glad Richard liked it too! :)

I don't think I have a favorite lunch food! :( I eat whatever is left over from dinner the night before! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that :October is Vegetarian Awareness Month:?

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Teddy - that's a really cool idea. I used to eat baked potatoes more, but haven't had one in forever!

My favorite lunch item...I don't know!! Pizza is great and easy, tempeh sandwiches are very cool, but sometimes I just like leftovers.

Now's not the time for me to be thinking about food...got my braces adjusted yesterday, so it's pudding, yogurt and soup for me today!


pinknest said...

man! a chili-topped baked potato is probably my favorite thing for lunch!

Veggies,Crafts and Tails said...

This looks delish Teddy! I love chili, always such a great fill-er-up kinda meal.

Lunch fav?? Id probably pick a vegan caesar salad or rice bowl, love them both.

Anonymous said...

I like fixing lunch for me and Marty also. My favorite lunch is some sort of soup or stew with fresh bread and a piece of fruit and maybe a cookie! I also enjoy baked tofu sandwiches. One block of tofu usually makes 3 sandwiches for us. I like the baked potato idea but unfortunately, Marty's too lazy to reheat anything so he might not appreciate it as much. Great dinner idea though!