Thursday, September 14, 2006


I've had a few people ask what Soycatash is and I thought I'd like to do a quick post about it.
SOYcatash is nothing more than Succotash with fresh soybeans in it instead of lima beans.

About Succotash

Succotash (from the Native American Narraganset language, msikwatash) is a food dish consisting primarily of lima beans and corn (maize), possibly including pieces of cured meat (no meat in mine please!),
This method of preparing vegetables became very popular during the Great Depression in the United States.
It was sometimes cooked in a casserole form, often with a light pie crust on top as in a traditional pot pie.
In some places in the American south any mixture of vegetables prepared with lima beans and topped with lard or butter is called succotash. Succotash is a traditional dish of many Thanksgiving celebrations in Pennsylvania.


Trader Joes makes Soycatash and I like to add it to my chili (I prefer chucky chili) or other south western dishes.

Now that you know what it is, any ideas on how I can use Soycatash?



Harmonia said...

I have never had this....ever...but want to - I'm sheltered, aren't I? lol

vegchic2(Jody) said...

I've never seen that at Trader Joe's. Either I am not very observant or TJ's in Cali, had better stuff!

I'd be thinking soups or maybe seitan pot pie with the soycatash.

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Good idea to add it to chili. I have some soybeans in my freezer, this would be a good use for them.


Anonymous said...

I make it as a side dish or to serve over rice .. with frozen edaname (I buy the beans out of the shell), red pepper, red onion, corn and a tiny bit of earth balance and garlic.. topped with fresh thyme.. it's really good.

It would be great turned into a veggie chowder.. with some soymilk and red potatoes..

also... as a filling with rice or quinoa in a pepper for stuffed peppers..

I've used this mixture cold as a salad. served on a bed of greens with a mustard vinaigrette..


shananigans said...

Interesting, I’ll have to look for that next time I’m at TJ’s. I bet it would make an awesome pot pie, you could maybe mix it with a can of crushed tomatoes, add some spices and bake it in a casserole dish with a crust on top. Mmm, I love pot pies.

Love your Big Bear pics by the way. I’ve yet to make the trek out there. I’ve been jonesin’ for some camping, I bet my dog would love it!

kleo2 said...

I was also wondering what that was, so thanks for filling us in. I am going to look for this sort of thing at Trader Joe's for sure. Thanks, Teddy. As usual, i learn SO much from you!!!

Broke Vegan said...

I have two or three succotash recipes and I've never tried either of them. Thanks for "refreshing my memory"... LOL!!

LB said...

The chowder idea sounds tasty! Is TJ's soycatash in the frozen section?