Sunday, September 03, 2006

Orange County's International Street Fair

I just learned yesterday that this weekend the city of Orange is holding an International Fair.

I'm heading over today to get a glimpse of any vegetarian international food that'll be there. Wish me luck because I can't seem to find much info about the fair online- this is a definite hit or miss!

Keep enjoying the weekend. :)


Are there any fairs in your city that you think are worth stopping by each year?


madeinalaska said...

hey.. i saw your comment at
how do you find these sites?
fun stuff.. i too went to Thailand and had a heck of a time being vegan.. i resorted to eating a lot of eggs as my protein.. that it when Indian food was not available.. only came across tofu a couple of times.. LOVE Thailand anyways I am planning to go again in 2008 my brother will be getting married there.. wow a traditional Thai wedding! yippee!

heres to hopeing you had a great time at the fair... we have no fair here.. but, the state fair up in Palmer (either a plane ride or ferry/road trip 800+ miles away)is a hoot... very little for vegans to eat..

Anonymous said...

Hope you had good luck at the fair and found lots of veggie food there!!

We have a few state fairs here that are big, but they have rodeos in them and I'm not into those! We haven't hit up any of the fairs yet, but there are a few that are going on this week. We may check one out! I doubt I'll find veggie food here though. :(

Hope you had a great time and that it wasn't too hot!!

Carrie™ said...

TORONTO VEGETARIAN FOOD FAIR! It's taking place next weekend. Sept. 8, 9 and 10. I'm hoping to go on Sunday. I booked the day off work just for that. Sarah Kramer was supposed to be there doing a cooking demo and signing books, but she had to cancel because she's ill. Rats! Jim and I will go and see what else is happening.
Great top 5 by the way. Chocolate was on my top 5, which ended up being a bit longer than 5.