Monday, September 04, 2006

OC International Fair Review

I ended up not attending the fair yesterday- mostly because the only things they had to eat were sausage and carne asada and beer. That didn't work so well for me. The OC International Fair is definately a no-go for veg people.

Instead I baked vegan cupcakes!

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate chips and a coconut vanilla frosting.

I left some at my parents house as a surprise for when they come home :)

Richard and I both agreed that they were delectable. I'm excited to bring them into work tomorrow- I'm hoping everyone will enjoy them and not even notice that they are vegan.

Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend!


Anonymous said...

Cupcakes! Yours look GREAT, Teddy!!

Sorry you didn't get to the fair but i can understand why! Bummer...

~Kleo at piscesplace

Anonymous said...

Hi Teddy!
Those are such cute cupcakes! I'm glad they came out great. That was sweet of you two to leave some as a surprise for your parents!!

Your cupcakes sound like a much better choice than the fair, now that you found out it really wasn't veg-friendly.

Lovin' those cupcakes!!

Raw Vegan Momma said...

What a nice surprise for your parents. I imagine most of your co-workers won't think about them being vegan. What a great way to show them how delicious Vegan desserts are.

Anonymous said...

Those look great! I'm sure people will love them.. this vegan dessert thing is over the top! I rarely used to make sweets, now I do it a lot. Fortunately, I don't have a sweet tooth, but my kids and hubby are lovin it.

-melody (melomeals)

Anonymous said...

they looks super cute!

Pure Zuke 2 said...

Your cupcakes are so adorable! I'm SURE no one will notice, let alone care, that they're vegan. They look divine!

Harmonia said...

I wish we had interesting fairs around here! I am bound and deterimined to start a veg potluck in the middle or end of October tho!!! Any ideas? Let me know!

Anonymous said...

You should hope your parents got the cupcakes you left. If I were there I would have stopped by and eaten them before your parents got home. ;o)

Dori at the bakehouse blog

laura jesser said...

Those cupcakes look fabulous--and so cute! I'm not a big coconut fan but I bet I would like these.

Anonymous said...

How did you make the coconut vanilla frosting? It sounds delicious (ok, pretty much anything with coconut sounds good to me - ok, pretty much anything with sugar).

Hey, I noticed you have the AdSense ads. How much do you make from them on average? I'm trying to decide if I want to put them on my site but if it's only going to make a few cents here and there, I'm not going to bother.


LB said...

That doesn't sound very "international." Too bad.

funwithyourfood said...

:) Morning folks (oh I feel like a teacher! hehe)

Kleo- I was happy i found a site that listed the food before I went so I didn't drive all the way there, fight for parking and THEN realize that all I could have was beer on an empty stomach haha

Candi- the birthday girl that i made the cupcakes for LOVED them. and didn't know they were vegan. YAY

Raw Momma- I had one person REFUSE to eat a cupcake, but that was because he will ONLY eat chocolate and didn't want to try a vanilla coconut cream frosting. haha can't please them all

Melody- I'm the same way- I'm really not a big dessert eater either. I enjoy making them and it seems that everyone enjoys eating them so it works out

Johanna- Thanks! it was fun too

Pure zuke- you're right no one said anything about the vegan-ness. and I didn't tell them. It's like I slipped them a little goodness

Harmonia- I say we do a Themed potluck. Like Mexican food or Italian!

Dori- Don't you take away my parents goodies!!

Laura- they weren't too coconut flavored. it was just the frosting. I left some cupcakes without frosting b/c i knew some people might not enjoy it

I found a basic vegan butter cream frosting online and decided I'd add some coconut shreds to it. It wsa quite easy. hmm I'll find the recipe later and send it to you.
Ad sense really hasn't paid me a dime haha. Here's how it works. You get a couple of sense a click and once you get 100 bucks, they'll start sending you $$. it's a process that takes over a year to start to pay off. I'm still doing it but never really expecting any sort of profit

LB- it's alright, a lot of people are "meat-headed" and can't think of anything else. I bet THEY put the fair together. I bet the activities could have been fun though

Thanks to for all your comments guys! Be seeing you tonight :)


pinknest said...

oooooh!!! excellent!