Monday, September 11, 2006

First Meal in Big Bear

I'm sitting at the East Side Book Cafe here in Big Bear.
I'll be posting a review of this hole-in-the-wall coffee shop tomorrow
For now, pictures of the drive up and our first family meal here

I tend to get a little car sick on mountain roads so we made a pit stop at a view point on the way up.

Richard read the informational plaque but reading and queasy do NOT go well together.

Our first meal (not the greatest picture but it's all I've got):

No one here is Veg besides me and Richard. We'd all like to eat together and the rest of the family has been kind enough to agree to eating no meat while I'm here- but there's been some dairy. John made some tortellini in a portabella mushroom sauce with a baguette. The verdict- Great tasting and it definitely can be vegan-ize.

Dessert was my favorite part (of course). We stopped by Costco before heading up here and got BUCKETS worth of strawberries. Sweet, healthy, what more can you ask for?

Now for a little bad news- My camera broke!

I've got a couple pictures of us hiking but looks like I'm in the market for a new digital camera.

What kind of digital camera do you use? What are the best/most reliable brands? HELP! I'll be getting a camera in the next week and any help is MUCH appreciated.



Annie said...

I swear by the Nikon. I have the Nikon CoolPix 885 and love it. It is a little pricy though. A friend of mine just got a small digital camera and she really likes it. I'll have to ask her what brand it is. I think she said it was only around $250 which isn't bad. Leave me a comment to remind me and I'll get back to you.

pinknest said...

i get queasy, too.

i use a sony cybershot 5.1 megapixels with 3x optical zoom. i like it alot. i think they make it much slimmer and sleeker looking now.

Not So Vivacious Vegan said...

We have a Fuji Finepix F10. I wouldn't trade it for anything! It is amazing. Here are some of the pros: Very small and compact (easily fits into a pocket), takes great pictures in dim light without having to use a flash (which generally means more detailed/accurate), huge flash range for when you actually do have to use the flash, 6.3 mega pixels, big 2.5" view screen on the back, takes great up close shots (you have to press the "flower" button), quick start up and picture to picture lag, EXCELLENT battery life (I rarely charge this thing and it will run out of room on our 1 gig memory card before it runs out of battery, I could go on and on. It was also relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of the other cameras we looked at buying. I put together a spread sheet about a year ago for when we bought this one that compares about 15 different models. Obviously, it's a little outdated (technology moves so quickly) but it's still pretty good. If you email me at vivaciousvegan at gmail dot com, I'll send it to you.

SusanV said...

Up until recently I only used an Olympus Camedia c-4000 Zoom, and I loved it--and still do. It has a great super-macro setting for taking food (and other) photos. It was a little out of date, so I considered getting a cybershot or other small camera, but I ended up getting an even bulkier Canon Rebel XT. It's a great camera, but you kind of have to be committed to carrying around a lot of gear. We'll see how that goes on our next hiking trip!

I really recommend Olympus, but I also recommend reading reviews on Consumer Reports and some other websites.

kleo2 said...

Super cool pix... i have an HP digital. Love it!