Thursday, August 31, 2006

Family Veg Night

It certainly feels like everyone is busy these days.
Busy days equals less cooking for me. Therefore, Veg Night turned into Veg TAKEOUT night (which is A-OK by me).

I have to favorite types of take out 1) Thai (of course) 2) Sushi (since I'm a little scared to venture into the world of sushi making)

Sushi it was

Avocado roll- the one on the left has already been doused in soy sauce.

Veggie Tempura roll with bright little orange carrots in the center.

Ok, I have a confession: I did cook, just not for family Veg night.
Today is Richard's first day of class in SD. He will have to travel to San Diego one day a week to attend and I still want him to be well fed that day.
Here is a preview of what I made for his lunch/dinner. It's the best part, the DESSERT.

Chocolate dipped apricots

More on Richard's school meals and his review later.
(ps no game playing tonight as Vicki suggested in my comments but we didn't a chance to meet up till about 9ish so we were already tired. I still think it's a great idea. We'll probably end up doing that sometime soon)

What type of take out food is your favorite? How often do you eat take out? Once a week or only once a month?

I'll be around late tonight to comment on everyone and see what you've been up to the last couple of days


Vicki said...

we rarely do take-out -- it's tough to find good veggie food out there let alone vegan! but we have a place called mai tai that does great thai vegan - wish they delivered! also there's a sub place that delivers salads & veggie subs -- they deliver until 3 am! we want to start a veggie restaurant out of our vw van (has a kitchen) for the farmer's market & festivals, etc.

KleoPatra said...

Chocolate-dipped apricots!? WOWEE!

Great Family Veg Night. Bet it was as fun as it always seems to look!! SD will be lucky to have Richard down here. I'll send good vibes his way when he's around!!! Maybe he can bring you something from Mama Testa's or Ranchos or SIPZ!?

I think it would be cool for you to incorporate GAME NIGHT for your family veg nite... that would probably be the ultimate in great times. Great food, family AND gametime fun.

I think the world might be a happier place if peeps did this more often...

As for takeout, I go to SIPZ once a week at least... love trying new things from their huge menu. I don't cook from scratch very often so i end up getting a few things at a time and making a couple of meals from takeout stuff...

I'm lazy that way, it's true!

Hope you have a great rest of your week and fun weekend, Teddy!

Anonymous said...

Choco covered apricots! How fantastic!!

My fav takeout is Chinese. There's an amazing restaurant here that has a whole veggie section! Yum!... oh... but only about 1ce a month... usually even less than that.

laura jesser said...

Hey, I tagged you over at my blog!

Hmm, takeout... I guess we go about once or twice a month, and it's usually a Moe's burrito (which is big enough for both of us). But that veggie tempura roll looks so good--I wish we could get take-out vegan sushi around here that was more than a few sticks of cucumber!

JAM*tacular said...

Oh, yum! Take out is a-ok by me, too.

:) Mikaela

Dilip said...

Those chocolate-dripped apricots look great, Teddy! We had a vegan chocolate fondue party last weekend and used pineapple, banana, chocolate cookies, and even vegan marshmallows - but your apricots would have been very welcome additions. Thanks for your yummy blog!