Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dinner for one

It's a late post tonight.
I worked today and then came home to bad news. Richard's has a family emergency this weekend. He left to go with them. YUCK. :(

So I've been home alone for most of the day. Well not entirely alone. Abbey's been here with me too! Thank goodness, the kitty snuggles were nice.

Doesn't she look elegant? :)

Dinner was alone and simple: A fruit smoothie, a salad (no pic of that) and smashed curried potatoes.

frozen strawberries, cantaloupe, fresh mango, soy yogurt, soy milk and a dash of coconut milk

one potato with skin still on thrown into the microwave for 5-6 mins (I know the microwave! But it's a great quick way to cook one potato)
take out and mash with a fork
Splashed about a 1/5 of a can coconut milk and a 1/2 tablespoon of curry paste
Mash until it's all incorporated
Eat away

How do you like your potatoes? Mashed? With skins or without? Creamy or chunky? Flavored or not?


Geraldine said...

Oh Abbey, she is sooooo beautiful!

Hope the emergency isn't too serious and that things settle down soon.

Definitely mashed or baked, I LOVE potatoes...too much LOL...

Huggs, G

PS I didn't receive any further 'code' did you send yet?

Dori said...

I'll take mine oven fried with the skin on and a little salt.

Second best favorite is mashed with the skin, but I usually get to lazy for this and top a baked potato with veggie baked beans or salsa. :)

Urban Vegan said...

I like potatoes any old way. Yum.

Jackie said...

I also use the microwave if I am just doing one baked potato as I would hate to waste electricity doing it in the oven. Must try your smashed potato, sounds great.

I love potatoes anyway they are prepared but most of all I love them mashed.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

t. said...

Kitty looks SUPER sexy! If I had a cat, I would want one like that!

And dinner sounds easy and delish: my kind of thing these days! I will try out your mashed sometimes this week!

As for how I like them, here they go strictly without skin (with skin is considered somewhat barbaric), done the most traditional and unoriginal way. But then I used mash to do potato balls with filling, breaded and baked: yummie!

KleoPatra said...

Teddy, thinking good thoughts... so sorry to know about the emergency in Richard's family. Please let us know how Richard (and the family member who had the emergency) is doing...

Great photo of the lovely Abbey.

Your dinner looked simple yet delicious. My kind of meal there.

I love mashed potatoes that aren't completely mushy, that have pieces of potato in 'em. I love mashed potatoes like that with tons of garlic! And i prefer skins on.

I heart mashed po's. Haven't had 'em in forever... ya got me hankerin' now for some!!!

Holding good thoughts for you and your loved ones...

The Mitz said...

Dear Abbey, You have been cat-tagged! Stop by my Meowmie's blog for full feline details OK!!!!


JAM*tacular said...

Those currie dpotatoes look yummy :) I like my taters roasted with skins on, in a bit of in olive oil with fresh herbs. But really? I've never met a potato that I didn't love.

Have a great week!

The Mitz said...

Dear Abbey, Awaiting your tag-list with fevoured anticipation and 'the code', well Meowmie's pretty excited too!


Catherine said...

I take potatoes any way I can get them! I especially adore golden brown, pan-fried hashbrowns. And latkes. And oven fries. And mashed potatoes (with garlic, of course.) And tater tots. And cubed potatoes in a veggie hash. And in a creamy potato soup.

Actually, I don't care much for baked potatoes, believe it or not! I don't eat many potatoes, however, because they are so high on the glycemic index.

Hope Richard's family is okay!

Catherine said...

Oh yes -- and spinach-potato flautas. Can't forget those. :)