Friday, July 21, 2006

Day at the Dog Park

Cara and I went to the Huntington Beach Central Park a couple of days ago with her dog Emily.

There was a chubby Chihuahua there that thought it was a Great Dane. It really didn't like Emily and decided to let her know who was boss.

Cara loves Corgis!

This little guy was my favorite. It's a Boxer puppy named Rocco. Boy was it hard to get any pictures of this fellow.

He kept doing this- running by me as fast as he could and stopping for 3 seconds to say 'Hi'.

This is picture is from last time we went to the park (I never got around to posting it but it's a good one). The puppy here is a Golden Doodle (1/2 golden retriever and 1/2 poodle). I dubbed this 15 week old puppy Snikerdoodle!

Happy Friday guys! (too bad I'll be working OT this weekend)



Tanya Kristine said...

hahahaha...1/2 poople.

very very cute boxer pup. i love boxers. but, alas, i have enough now...well, maybe one more someday

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

Great doggie photos, loved them all.

The Mitz is in the other room so I better type fast...LOL

Huggs, G

KleoPatra said...

Love the dog pix, Teddy!!! I am a huge fan of dog parks. It's fun to people watch, but almost more fun to dog watch --- and to watch the people watch their dogs and the dogs watch their people!!

I'm workin' all weekend too... at least you'll get "OT" for your weekend work!!! I'm going to try to get to Mama Testa's at some point this weekend 'cause i have to go to Hillcrest for a few items!!

Have a fantastic weekend, whatever you can do to make it fun, Teddy!

Dori said...

Love the pups. I have never seen a golden doole before, a very pretty pup.

Shananigans said...

Our Dexter is slowly learning proper social behavior with other dogs, when we first got him he was pretty much socially retarded and that would get him into trouble at dog parks. He’s usually great one on one and has some good doggy pals, but a whole park full of strange dogs is usually too much overload for him. Cute pictures! It makes me sad when I see really fat dogs, because it’s totally the owner’s responsibility and I feel like they’re letting them down. When we found out Dexter had gained 10 pounds in a year (it crept up and we didn’t really notice) I felt so bad, we had that weight off him within 3 months and you can totally tell he’s much healthier and happier now.

karen said...

Awwe, such cute doggies pics. I wish we had a dog park here. Oh- and your banana nut muffins sound great!

Melody said...

awwww...they are so cute.. I love dog parks.. unfortunatley my dog can't go to one because she's way, way too dominant with other dogs and I'm afraid of a bad fight breaking out. (I used to take her when she was a puppy, but as she grew, she felt the need to get EVERY SINGLE DOG on it's back.. and herd all dogs away from their owners. Not a good thing) The only dog who will tolerate her for any length of time is our neighbors 170 lb newfie.

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love dog parks? Can't get enough of all the cuteness there.

Raw Vegan Momma said...

Aww those are beautiful pictures. I'm glad everyone had fun! :-)

Urban Vegan said...

Since I don't have a dog, visiting dog parks --even virtually--gives me vicarious pleasure. Woof.

Carrie™ said...

I love dog pictures. Thank you for these! Very cute. Simon LOVES the dog park. He's made a lot of friends with the regulars. Of course, he's not interested in playing with dogs his own size. He likes to run with the German Sheppards & Rottweillers. Many times we've come home and he's been filthy dirty and needs a bath.
People watching at the dog park is fun too. Some just stay to themselves and walk around watching their dog. Some chat away and pay no attention whatsoever to their dogs. There is a group of greyhound owners who do this at our dog park and once one of the dogs got carried away with Simon and we had to step in. The greyhound owners glanced over, then just kept right on talking. GRRRR! Then there are people who get right into the play with their dogs. And some have no idea about dog behaviour at all. Last weekend a lady came with her mixed breed, and this poor dog had bells on it's collar. Needless to say, every Border Collie & Austrailian Sheppard in the park was chasing this dog around trying to herd it and the woman was freaking. Lesson learned - don't bring your dog to the park wearing bells.
Sucks that you have to work this weekend. I get a rare weekend off! Try to enjoy.

pinknest said...

i've never seen a golden doodle before!! lol! the name is hilarious.

Joe said...

Love the dog photos!