Monday, July 24, 2006

Banana facts

I used to LOATHE bananas (don't ask why, I don't get it either). Now, I have grown to enjoy them. I still prefer them in an altered state though be it cooked or frozen, with peanut butter or chocolate.

Banana Fun Facts
In 2001, there were more than 300 banana-related accidents in Britain, most involving people slipping on skins.

Bananas are America's #1 fruit and the average American consumes over 28 pounds of bananas each year.

There is no such thing as a banana tree. Bananas grow on plants.
Banana plants are the largest plants on earth without a woody stem. They are actually giant herbs of the same family as lilies, orchids and palms.

Bananas are not grown commercially in the continental United States. They are grown in Latin and South America from countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Panama and Guatemala.

The word 'banan' is Arabic for finger.


Some horticulturists suspect that the banana was the earth's first fruit. Banana plants have been in cultivation since the time of recorded history. One of the first records of bananas dates back to Alexander the Great's conquest of India wher
e he first discovered bananas in 327 B.C.

When Spanish explorers came to the New World, so did the banana. According to Spanish history, Friar Tomas de Berlanga brought the first banana root stocks to the Western Hemisphere.

Bananas were officially introduced to the American public at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. Each banana was wrapped in foil and sold for 10 cents. Before that time, bananas came to America on the decks of sailing ships as sailors took a few stems home after traveling in the Caribbean.

Get Healthy! Eat a Banana. You know what they say "A banana a day keeps the doctor away"
My two favorite facts from the above article are :
One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system.

PMS: Forget the pills eat a banana. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood.

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pinknest said...

what?! is this banana milkshake hangover cure true? have you tried it? if so, i will implement it early and often. banana shakes are my favorite!

Jody from VegChic said...

I like bananas, though posted before that I prefer them when they are slightly green. Once they are all tellow or have some brown spots, I gotta cook 'em or use them in a smoothie.

Thanks for the informational post though.

PS - I have a baby banana plant growing in my house. I'm hoping to eventually get baby bananas. It has been almost a year and none yet.

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Thanks for the facts! I didn't know bananas didn't grow on trees.

Bananas do wonders - feel depressed or low energy? Eat a banana! Leg cramps? Eat a banana!


KleoPatra said...

I am bananas about bananas. Thanks for the great facts. I learned some new stuff from you, Teddy.

I have always been a fan, whether it's been frozen, cut up in puffed rice cereal, used to fill a sandwich as a spread with peanut butter, in a smoothie, or right from their tough little coats, i always have room for this yellow fellow1

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

Oh yeah - updated my links so you are on there now. I visit your site often, but was real slow about updating the links!

PS - the word verfication for me right now is banatq - sorta like banana!

Veggies,Yarns & Tails said...

I just love your posts Teddy, always interesting and fun to read. Love the facts behind the food factor, how's that for a mouthful.... LOL :)
Huggs, G

Shananigans said...

I love bananas, I eat one or have one in a smoothie just about every day. And my dog likes them too. I saw a lot of banana plants when I was in Costa Rica.

Melody said...

I love bananas as long as they aren't cooked.. frozen yeah baby.. on cereal or just to eat yeah.. I can deal a little bit with them in muffins/breads, but no banana flambe for me!

and yeah.. the potassium in the banana is great for hangovers..

Dori said...

I just made 5 loaves of banana zucchini bread. Great info, thanks teddy!

Catherine said...

Teddy, know what's funny about bananas? I really love them plain, but not with much else. We're kind of opposite banana lovers! Peanut butter and banana is ok for me, but chocolate and strawberries are big no-nos in my kitchen. I do like banana and blueberry smoothies, however.
I got hooked on peanut butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast for a long time this past winter!

VeganDoc said...

I always learn new stuff from your blog!!

Bananas were always gross to me, until after a race one day. They were readily available as a post-race snack, and on a whim I ate one. It was soooo good and I just wolfed it down. Maybe I needed the potassium, who knows, but ever since, I eat them regularly.

It helps that they're the cheapest fruit out there.

Urban Vegan said...

SInce I live in the chilly Northeast, I was more than a little amazed the first time I saw a real banana tree in Brazil. Gorgeous.

Thanks for the info!

karen said...

I have loved bananas since my dad would slice them and put them in my cheerios! I still do it, but don't eat cheerios with my soymilk.

I, too prefer them when they are slightly green.

How wierd- I am commenting at your blog and got a flash saying you just commented on my blog :) Cheers!!

Carrie™ said...

I look forward to your Fun With Your Food Facts. Sadly, I'm not a banana fan. I did learn some things from this post which were interesting.
As a kid, I used to love bananas. One of my favorite bedtime snacks was bananas with milk & sugar. I remember my mom used to make some kind of fried banana dessert with butter, brown sugar and nuts. As I got older, I just lost my taste for them. I still like a good banana bread though. Funny eh? It tastes different.

Harmonia said...

I would love to eat a banana and get the nutrional goodness from them but I HATE THEM...sorry. But I think you already knew that.


I love looking at the pictures of them tho. When I was in Florida I saw a "tree" on a golf course. It was cool!

Richard From Ago said...

banana republic!

Vicki said...

banans are awesome. everytime we leave my inlaws, hub's mom offers us a banana for the road! because it is such a perfect food with great packageing. :o) thanks for the facts!

funwithyourfood said...

well hello hello to all my friends!!
Pink- i've never had a banana milkshake and I say it's worth the try.
Jody- I like to freeze my bananas once they start to go brown and use them when i want to bake something or when I want a smoothie
Crystal & Ryan- bananas are one of the wonder foods if ya ask me. have you ever seen my big fat greek wedding? they're like WINDEX
kleo ;) you're too cute!
G- i love to learn. what can i say?
shannon- your dog eats bananas? haha that's cute. you should put some peanut butter on them
melody- potassium is what makes you feel better eh? good to know
Dori- FIVE loafs? that is a LOT of bread
vegandoc- extreme hunger makes everything taste so much better
urban vegan- people out here have banana trees. i want a back yard so i can start a garden. i'm saving now!
catherine- your complete my banana experience haha
Karen- aw family banana tradition. that's great
Carrie- Aw that's too bad. darn your tastebuds
vicki- i usually take bananas on the road with me too. :)

RunnerGirl said...

Teddy - love the post! I would be interested in a post on Lychees.

I adore Banana's and like some here have one in my protein smoothy every AM (Choclate Protein powder, soy milk, ice, fresh strawberries, and a banana) as well as one at lunch.

They are so yummy. Mmmmmmm

Tanya Kristine said...

i like bananas on peanut butter/buttered toast...mmm...

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and just wanted to stop lurking and say hi. I love all the informative information on your blog! It really makes me think more about everything I'm eating! Thanks!

Pure Zuke