Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Peppers

I was just looking for a quick and easy dinner really. I had some boxed sloppy joe mix and I added water, some tomato paste and cilantro to it. The sloppy joe mix was pretty salty and a little greasy so I decided to eat the peppers raw (it contrasted the greasy-ness of the mix).

I think I'll be looking for a new way to make the sloppy joe base but I enjoyed the raw pepper more than a cooked one. Leaving it raw makes it a little more summer-y to me and I really don't want to turn on the oven now that it's 85 degrees on a daily basis.

Overall, I'd give this quick dinner a 7 out of 10 (mostly b/c it isn't the healthiest meal I've made.) Richard loved it though. Ate some of my pepper and asked for more.

Let me know your thoughts. Does anyone have an idea for sloppy joe mix? or know a good brand to buy?

Have a great weekend guys!


Vicki said...

Sloppy lentils would be yummy stuffed inside a pepper! I made stuffed peppers for my daughter's birthday party...they were orange & I think stuffed with risotto. you can search my blog if you're interested. I like the idea of using raw peppers ~ I eat peppers like apples. YUM! :)

KleoPatra said...

(Above link to Fantastic Foods Sloppy Joes, which is something I have used for Sloppy Joes)

The peppers look smashing!

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

stuffed bellpeppers are punk rock!! I've grown up eating them back in mumbai.. u knw what I will get an indian recipe for stuffed bell peppers from my mom and will post it on my blog.. I am too scared to try it.. I am so waiting for october to get back home and eat stuffed bell peppers!!

yayy!! for teddy!!

Vegan Momma said...

The peppers look fabulous.

In the past I have stuffed my peppers with quinoa, chick peas, onions w/a curry sauce.

Melody said...

It's probably just as easy to make your own sloppy joes using TVP..

This is how I do it.. in a skillet, I saute onion, peppers, carrot and garlic for several minutes, then add 1 cup dried tvp, 1 15 oz can diced tomaotes or rotel (tomatoes and chiles), some chili powder, some mustard, some ketchup, hot sauce and heat it through.. or you could use your favorite bbq sauce. It will be ready in about 15 minutes, tastes even better the next day and freezes well.

I love the idea of using the raw peppers and the warm filling..

Carrie™ said...

I don't make sloppy joes very often, once or twice a year maybe. But when I do, I go the super lazy route....Yves veggie ground and a can of Manwich! That's probably worse than the boxed mix you used.
My favorite stuffed pepper recipe, so far, is Linda McCartney's from her book "Linda's Kitchen".

EatPeacePlease said...

Try making Sloppy Lenties. I have the recipe on my blog, Vicki does, VeganLunchBox has it, etc. That would be ideal.

I would stuff it with lentils, rice, quinoa, or anything along those lines, even TVP or something.

Dori said...

I don't like most packages meat mixes. I agree with melody and eat peace... lentils or TVP would be my #1 pick. I love peppers, but unfortunately the two times I have tried them, they were rated a C by me and the family. However, when I saute the peppers and serve them on the side of a brown rice and what would have been a pepper filling, we all loved it. Must be a mental issue.

My personal sloppy "joe" mix is made from TVP.

pinknest said...

ohmygoodness, how did i miss this? i love stuffed peppers!