Friday, June 16, 2006

Bell Peppers

Facts from: Worlds Healthiest Foods and Wikipedia

Best eaten during the months of August and September.

Bell peppers are not hot’. They contain a recessive gene which eliminates capsaicin, the compound responsible for the hotness found in other peppers.

Bell peppers are rich in both vitamin A and C.

Side note about Vitamin A: In a Kansas St University study, it was discovered that patients with e
mphysema had vitamin A deficiency. Therefore, adding more vitamin A lessened the effects of the disease (by NO means was it close to a cure). But this provided a possible explanation as to why some smokers develop the disease and some live to an old age and why some do not.

Outside of the US, bell peppers are called other name

Japan, Scandinavia and Hungry = Paprika
Malaysia, Australia = Capsicum (red capsicum, green capsicum...)
There are a few states that call bell peppers Mangoes (OH, ID, KY)

Green peppers are unripe bell peppers and are therefore less sweet and more bitter.

LAST FACT (to make you smile)
On the popular Japanese show Iron Chef, Chairman Kaga eats a Yellow Bell pepper in the beginning credits. :) (LOVED watching this show when I was growing up, it was before the show was on the food network- my uncle showed it to me.)

Now if you're all scratching your head wondering why I choose Bell Pepper it's because last nights dinner was STUFFED bell peppers. I'll post more on that (with pictures of course) later.

Have a great Friday!


Melody said...

They call them mangos? That is very odd.

I love peppers... all peppers!!

Melody said...

You asked what I would be making with the cilantro... I always buy this much.. My family loves it! I make 2 quarts of salsa a week, so there goes 1 bunch. I use it in salads, I use several cups in anything mexican, indian or asian that I make.. and since most of my food falls into those categories I always use it all up. IF I have any leftover, I will throw it in the blender with garlic and ginger and some water and freeze it into ice cubes to have on hand to throw into stews or soups or whatever.

KleoPatra said...

i loooooooooooooove red and orange bell peppers. Woman, do i love 'em!!!

The green ones are a bit bitter for my taste and yellow tends to be that way as well but I'll go for those on occasion. I'm a sweet-pepper lover though.

Great info, thank you, Teddy!

Hope you have a great weekend!

pinknest said...

i sometimes like bell peppers, and sometimes don't. i do like stuffed bellpeppers though!

Cara said...

mm teach me how to make stuffed bell peppers. I LOVE THEM!!! my favorite actually. i eat them like apples. except pretend i like apples. haha.

Carrie™ said...

Good one Teddy. I love peppers! I especially love roasted peppers. I made a sauce for our dinner tonight from Dreena's Vive Le Vegan using roasted yellow peppers. I'll post it hopefully tomorrow. Can't wait to see what you stuffed in your peppers!

Urban Vegan said...

wow--I completely forgot that my mother used to call peppers "mangos."

t. said...

Italian for bell peppers: 'peperoni' (which is rightfuly spelled with one p only) and has nothing to do at all with that non vegan stuff they put on pizzas.

French for belle pepper: poivron, while poivre means white or pink or black pepper.

jayvick said...

I dated someone from Cincinnati and his mother told me one night that we were having Stuffed Mangoes for dinner. I was very curiuos about a fruit being served as an entree and very surprised when what I saw on my plate was actually a stuffed bell pepper! I've had stuffed peppers before but I would love her recipe. They were so delicous!