Thursday, June 08, 2006


A.K.A. Mexican Potato/turnip and the Yam Bean

  • In contrast to the root, the remainder of the jícama plant is very poisonous; the seeds contain the toxin rotenone, which is used to poison insects and fish. (source)
  • Jícama is composed of 86-90% water (there aren't many vitamins in it either) (source)
  • The sweetness of the Jicama comes from the oligofructoseinulin (also called fructo-oligosaccharide), which does not metabolize in the human body thus, it makes the root an ideal sweet snack for diabetics and dieters. (source)
  • The shelf-life of this is a plus for me: A fresh root stored at an appropriate temperature will keep for a month or two. (source)

  • Most Jicamas on the market are imported from Mexico and South America because Jicama requires a warm, frost free environment to grow.
  • Good quality jicama roots should be smooth and firm, with uniform shape and size, be free from mechanical damage to the skin, and have a crisp, succulent, white sweet-starchy flesh.


I've only eaten a Jicama as a snack or in salads. Does anyone have a good recipe I can use this in?


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

I ate jicama for the first time at native foods in Ensalada Azteca.. and obviously I didnot know what was I eating.. but it tasted awesome.. and since then I started liking it.. u can always make Ensalada Azteca.. its the best salad I've ever had.. yayyy native foods!! other than that if u find any good recipe.. plss post!

KleoPatra said...

I never knew the other parts of jicama were poisonous! I eat it cubed, raw. I love jicama!!!

Thanks for another informative post, Teddy!!!

Hope you have a fun weekend!

kaivegan said...

Teddy, no recipe here, but I just have to share that I remember Filipinos snacking on them sliced, just with vinegar, salt and chili peppers.

I really like your blog concept a lot.

Cara said...

mmmm jicama is the best ever. I just can never find it at the store.

Carrie™ said...

I've never had this. I've only just started seeing it in the grocery stores even. On the outside it doesn't look very appealing, but sounds very tasty. I'd like to know what else to do with it too besides a salad.

funwithyourfood said...

Hi all
Getting ready to head out to work. I'll definately be posting the mushroom sauce when I get home tonight. I was trying to last night but blogger kept not working and it was late.

Looks like I need to be posting a Jicama recipe too! : ) That might be this weekend but we'll see b/c we all know now that Jicama lasts forever. haha

talk to you all soon


Vegan Momma said...

Let’s see...
I’ve made raw fries, mashed jicama, I’ve also added it to soups.

pinknest said...

nice! i've only really cooked with jicama a few times, once in a salad and another time i think it was a stew. but i don't remember. maybe i'm thinking of a parsnip. but when i was on vacation, the mango jicama salads i had were so refreshing and good!

Anonymous said...



i like it

-your partially mexican, potato loving boyfriend