Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I've been tagged!

Geraldine has TAGGED ME : ) Thank you!! Now it's my turn to tag others

My 4 Things List:

4 Jobs I’ve Held ( and believe me…. there’s been a LOT more than 4)

* College Student (this is a job that you both PAY FOR and bring home with you every night haha)
*Bagel Schmear-er (jewish bakery)
*Accountant (now - hopefully HR soon)

4 Movies I like… (this one is really hard for me. I have shelves of dvds only FOUR?)

* Momento
* Love Actually
* I like Monty Python too!

4 Places I’ve lived

* Hampton, VA
* Virginia Beach, VA
* Thailand (a month and a half- IT COUNTS!!)
* Huntington Beach, CA

4 TV shows I like (hardly ever turn on the set but when we do…..)

* The Simpsons
* Family Guy
* ANYTHING food related (even if it has meat, I get inspired on how I can change it)
* BBC shows that are now on TLC (changing rooms, what not to wear- the bbc versions of course!)

4 Places I have visited on vacation

* Italy- Rome and Florence

* England- London and Portsmouth

* France- Paris

* NY- Rochster, Dansville, and the city

4 Blogs I Visit Every Day and also those lucky chosen four to now be tagged!

* KleoPatra
* Veggie Talk
* Harmonia's Hut
* It's probably bad of me but Cuteoverload.com ( Need cuteness everyday!)

4 Special Treats, Just for ME!

* I'm addicted to chocolate- and I like the GOOD stuff
* Alone time with my bf
* Almost any fresh foods

and the 1 place I’d rather be right now...

** hmm I'd love to be in a Vegetarian cooking school RIGHT now. How awesome would that be?? Definately


KleoPatra said...

Cool! :o) Thanks, Teddy!

Vicki said...

cool post, teddy. in common, we have paris, rome, florence, college, & chocolate!

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

memento and love actually both r good! one thing i have seen in common on lots of veggie blogs is that most of us dont see TV a lot.. I don't turn on the TV unless its sports :-)

Geraldine said...

Good list...I am a BBC fan too, we always watch Corrie St. on Sunday mornings...

Hope you are having a super day!

BFN, G :)

PS The Mitz sends a Headbonk to the very cute Abbey!