Friday, June 30, 2006

Dansville, NY

This is my OFFICIAL "see you in a week"post.

I'm heading off to DANSVILLE, NY. Pretty much middle of nowhere New York (but it's great b/c most of my dad's side of the family lives there)

Good news, I've already looked up where the local farmers market is. For anyone wondering here's the location:

Dansville Farmers Market
Maple St., near Airport parking area, across from McDonalds (haha!)
Friday 10 AM - 6 PMEarly July - Early October
Janice Roth (585) 335-2963

The "airport" is basically a strip of pavement in the grass :)

I'll miss blogging while I'm gone : (

Talk to you all soon,


PS Don't forget to stop by and see what RICHARD posts!


Dori said...

This is your first and official "have a great trip"comment, Teddy. :)

SusanV said...

I second that! Have a great trip.

ChipotleGloria said...

I've been reading your blog for several weeks and really enjoy it. I was prompted to comment today becuase I used to live near Dansville - in Arkport (even smaller town). Have fun, it's a beautiful area.

Broke Vegan said...

Have fun!!!!! :)

Carrie™ said...

By the looks of the map, I don't think you're too far from me. Where is Dansville in relation to Buffalo or Niagara Falls?

KleoPatra said...

Hope you have a great time!!!