Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cara's Bowling Birthday Bash!

Here comes a BUNCH of pictures of Cara's Birthday last night

It was a small group of awesome people. Me and cara (above) and Mike (the smooth guy below us haha)

We ate at Marios (a new one for all of us). Good Mexican food but not vegan friendly at all. Mike and Cara are omni but Cara eats veg a lot b/c she's allergic to some meats and while she was growing up meat wasn't served very often in her home.

Since it was Cara's Bday the resturant sang and she got FLAN (her favorite :) )

After all that food we needed a good work out and thus the BOWLING BASH began

Mike in action. I think we each won one game last night.

Cara was the best though. She got a 123 in the last game. Can't you tell she's a pro? I mean look at her "game face".
I know I have the wrong form but I got a strike on this one so : P!!

ALL PRO right here haha. I think my best score was 112. That's great for me. If I break 100 it's pretty much the best night ever for me. There were really good bowlers next to us. They were great to watch but boy was it intimidating.

Cara LOVES cheesecake and Mike got her the ULTIMATE cheesecake from Hof's Hut. Each slice was a different flavor. Doesn't she look TOO excited about it :).

There you have it.
One night of awesome-ness for all to enjoy

I'm glad I have you for a friend
Now I'm off to make some dinner for me (definately all vegan tonight since last night wasn't :P)


Cara said...

awww thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a lot of fun last night!!

And tasty. mmmmmmm.

And your story here was cute!!

Cheesecake lover said...

Cara is cute.

KleoPatra said...

GREAT post!!! Love the photos and the great captions. Way to get a strike, Teddy. 112 is nothin' to be ashamed about.

I think the best I ever bowled was like 137 and I must have been cheating to do that!!

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. It's too bad the restaurant wasn't vegan-friendly! But how many restaurants ARE?! Not enough, that is for sure...

Love this post. I feel like I was there!!

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

I remember going bowling once and 80% I put the ball in gutter.. 15% the times I wasn't able to cleanly release it.. like it would fly out of my hand on the side or backwards(yes it was embarrasing) .. and only once when I got everything right I had a strike :-)

u guys seem to have had a blast!! yayy!! Njoy!!!

Vicki said...

looks like a super fun evening, teddy! we had a bowling birthday bash for friend recently & whata blast. so the never ending search for a vegan friendly restaurant continues......

Vegan Momma said...

What lovely pictures. Everyone looks like they had a blast
Cheesecake I wonder if I can make a raw version? Hmm, let the experimenting begin!

Tanya Kristine said...

how fun! i use the same exact form as you and if i break a hundred it's a good night for me too!

Mmm...non vegan fooood. sometimes i just miss it. so shoot me.

Shananigans said...

Bowling is always so much fun even though I suck at it. I enjoy sports that involve drinking beer. So I guess that’s bowling and softball :) Ya’ll are so cute and look like you had a great time. I would also be way too excited about that cheesecake box, it’s a major weakness of mine. It’s just so freakin’ good!

Virginie said...

Happy birthday Cara. Thank you for sharing this moment. For french people, bowling is SO american ! I've never played it but saw it on sitcoms on TV.

pinknest said...

what fun!

1. that mexican restaurant sign is atrocious. hahahaha.
2. give me the cheesecake
3. i SUCK at bowling. i once FELL DOWN on release
4. did i mention the cheesecake?

funwithyourfood said...

Hi all!
To all who said they can't bowl, WE NEED TO START A BOWLING CLUB HAHA (virginie, we'll teach you all we know!)
To all who want the cheesecake, please see cara. I bet she'll share ;)

Tanya- I will not shoot you. sorry, i don't even own a gun

Thanks for the funny comments guys :)

Dori said...

On bowling, I have done it, but I suck. My high score was once 63 (and I think they let me cheat). Once the ball accidentally fell off my hand the wrong way... I was embarrassed, but I have to say I enjoy being with a group because it's more about fun.