Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I had very green dinner last night. It was great- I was craving greens for some reason.
It hit the spot just right : )
It was a cucumber, avocado and red lettuce sandwich.
The side salad was Kiwi, cucumber, kale and more red lettuce.

Tonight I'll be at my parents house and I'll be cooking! I'm super excited to cook for them and I hope they love it. I'll let you know



Tanya Kristine said...

are your parents vegan? or are they excited that yo'ure cooking them somthing different?

funwithyourfood said...

Nope my parents aren't vegan but cooking for people can be fun. Especcially my parents b/c they're nice. I'm actually most excited b/c i'm testing a recipe for a fellow blogger :)


KleoPatra said...

"It's not easy being green..."

Kermit and Oscar are both green with envy over the nice greens you have here. Nice of you to cook for your folks. What a great daughter!!

Geraldine said...

I know what you mean about craving greens, especially this time of year. I just did a post for a Zucchini Stir-Fry, Ive been in zucchini mode lately LOL...
Huggs, G

Cara said...

not so sure about your kale obsession lately, but the rest looks good. actually i never tried kale, but i seriously thought it was just for decoration. Okay, yes I have tried it, now I remember. Not so good. Oh well.

Broke Vegan said...

You are so creative with your ideas!!! I need to learn how to be adventurous!!

And, I've been feeling "green" too lately. You've inspired me to go try some things out!!