Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mangosteen Facts

"The Queen of Fruits" (in Asia)

Where I've had them: Thailand. Actually I've read that you can not buy them whole and fresh in the US because of fears of the asian fruit fly. It's every disappointing. So... Go to THAILAND or anywhere in the South Pacific actually. It's gorgeous.

How to eat them:
See how the outside is DEEP purple? Yea, that stains like crazy. So much so that some hotels in the South Pacific ban you from eating them in their rooms. To eat you should use your hands and not a knife. It will tempting to use a knife b/c they appear to be hard- they aren't really though. Just use your thumbs and press gently until the skin cracks, then peal like an orange. The white flesh hide bitter seeds so be careful (source).

Tastes like
I would say texture of a soft apple but more citrus-y.

Fruit Size- The of a small orange or a Tangerine.

Medical Uses in Asian Countries:
For years it has been used as an antibotic and general stomach aide
Now Western countries are studying the fruit to see it's reported affects on cancer and it's anti-inflammatory properties. (source)


Okay everyone needs to wish me luck. Tomorrow I have a job interview! : )
I'm a little nervous but not as much as usual. I already have a job, when you're looking around and you don't NEED a job it's a lot lets nerve-racking

Either way, I'd love to do well because it would mean a 15% raise for me. That would be nice.
Richards here, but in some sort of training for his new job so I don't get to see him. Oh well, he moves in next week.

I'm off to eat some dinner. Bye Bye


KleoPatra said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!
I am enjoying your blog. I came here after seeing your post at Megan the Vegan.
Nice to "meet" you and hope things go well for you at the interview.

KleoPatra said...

I hope it's OK, I am adding you to my "fave veg lynx."


Alice said...

Nice Blog :)