Friday, May 26, 2006


Since there were Mangoes in the shake- here we go : )

All about the Mango

The Mango is a member of the cashew family of flowering plants; other species include the pistachio tree and poison ivy

Colour is not the best indicator of ripeness!! Squeeze the 'nose' of the fruit, if there is slight give then the mango is ripe.

The two most widely available varieties of Mango in the UK are 'Kent' - a green fruit with a red blush and a rich, sweet flavor and 'Keitt' - a green Mango with a non fibrous flesh and a mild, sweet flavor.

Half a mango counts as one full serving of a fruit.

World's heaviest recorded mango was 5 lbs 7 ounces (source)

This is the prize winning mango!


Richard and I were supposed to have "date night" tonight but turns out he has to work :(
He works all weekend too. Oh well. I told Richard that when he gets home from work tomorrow I'm going to have a nice meal ready for us and we'll have a date at home. Any nice recipes I should try??

Tonight Cara's comming over again!

She's just picking up some fast food for us. It's my unhealthy night I guess. I'll still be working out tonight tho. Hope everyone has a fun night!



Vicki said...

that mango info is super interesting. we ate our weight in mangos on our honeymoon in jamaica. who could only eat half a mango?!

funwithyourfood said...

You honeymooned in Jamaica?!
Boy am I jealous.
and I don't know anyone who could just stop at 1/2 a mango but I bet there's someone out there ;)


KleoPatra said...

I LOVE MANGOES!!! I buy frozen chunks at Trader Joes and love 'em to pieces. Sooooooo groovy.

Thanks for all the cool bits of information on this beautiful fruit...

Sorry the date night didn't work out but I'll bet you had a fun night just the same...

KaiVegan said...

Cancelled date night aside, this is a very interesting post.

And look at it this way: getting 2 servings of fruit in one shot. Who said to only eat half? hehe. Just like a banana...

That Richard has to make up for that date night.

VeganDoc said...

I had no idea that mangoes are part of the cashew family! Interestingly, I have recently discovered mangoes and they are now my favorite fruit. Do you have any tips on how to slice and eat them without making a complete mess?

VeganDoc said...

I have tried your mango slicing technique, and I love it! No more mango messes in my kitchen or on my clothes! Thank you.