Thursday, May 14, 2009

Simple Salad

Blackberries are still super cheap everywhere here so I'm finding different ways to use them. When they're this cheap I have to buy them.
It's been in the 90's all week and for a girl from the coast of California, that's pretty warm. So warm, in fact, that cooking is just difficult. Thanks to my trusty rice maker I can make quick quinoa salads that involve zero stove cooking. However, last night I was craving green. Do you ever get that? You just feel like there hasn't been enough green in your life lately. (too many pbj bites perhaps?? haha)

I assembled a simple salad instead:

Spring greens
Herbed goat cheese (I cannot resist this stuff)
Sliced pecans

There's not much of a recipe per se but I like to hear what people put in their salads to give me new ideas for mine. Oh and I don't really use dressing unless I make it myself. I think that some dressings just overwhelm the flavors of all the goodies in the salad. Some call this a "naked salad".

I guess I'm a naked salad lover! HA

Well enough of all that. See ya'll later.



Lindsay said...

Well that just sounds like the most gentle salad- yum! I've been trying to get my use out of blackberries as well, though they usually just end up in a baggie for a snack w/ some cherry tomatoes! I did a similar salad featuring strawberries last week on my blog- same brain!

veggievixen said...

i loooove blackberries! what a great idea to add them to green salad.

Erica said...

hi - I'm delurking. I think my profile is private but i'm at

My favorite salad I must always share when people ask!

red onion
fresh garlic
and tamari baked tempeh sticks

warm tempeh plus a bit of cold salad fixings on the fork make it amazing! No dressing, the avocado and garlic does the trick. when I remember I sprinkle hemp seeds on top when I remember for the good stuff in them but usually forget.

Catherine said...

What a combination! Looks and sounds fantastic. Blackberries are one of my boyfriend's favorite fruits, so I bet your salad would be a hit at my house! :)

Cookie said...

What a simple and yummy salad! I LOVE herbed goat cheese too! Sometimes I'll substitute for herbed Feta as well since it's also very flavorful. My favorite is the kind from Trader Joe.