Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Greens and POM-tini's


That was a tough week for me. Serious blogger withdrawals occurred but I've made it though. Since my camera wasn't in commission, I forgot to take pictures of the banana pecan muffins I made. This means I MUST make them again (oh darn). Saturday morning I had to assist in a class for school and the assistants have to be at school around 8am. It seemed like a great idea to bring muffins to reward ourselves for being up that early. I ended up having about 4 people ask me for the recipe and then argue over the leftovers. Be proud, because this is a baking adventure where I ACTUALLY wrote the recipe down as I made it up. That's something new for everyone to look forward to!
For the post at hand:

Baby Greens opened a new location in downtown Austin. When I first moved to here, I remember hearing about a drive thru eatery that served impressive salads to go & while I always thought "I should try that place out" I never did. Now I work a few blocks from the new location and I HAD to try it.

I chose the South western wrap with tofu and chile lime dressing. Boy the dressing had an unexpected kick to it that I loved. This is only half of the wrap (I already gobbled the 1st half). My favorite part of my short trip to Baby Greens was the service. The staff was extremely attentive and wanted to be sure that every customer was satisfied. I'll definitely be having lunch there again. 6 bucks and great service? Who could say no to that? The tofu in the wrap wasn't fantastic, not bad either, but I think I'll order without tofu next time because it wasn't needed.

Today Baby Greens announced on their twitter that they are switching to biodegradable containers. Just one more reason for me to stop by again!

For some reason the only other thing I took a lot of pictures of were my POM-tini's. HA. I received a sampling from POM and have been enjoying making these. It's my "semi-healthy" alcoholic beverage. There's antioxidants mixed in there hence my feeling that it's "semi-healthy" :)

I have a few more bottles left and I want to make something exciting with it. Any POM recipe suggestions? I was thinking of a glaze or something involving baking.


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Wheeler's Crew said...

The wrap looks great, and the POM-tini...yummm.