Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Veggie Grill

I have visited VegNew's restaurant of the year more times than I count. I've even reviewed them before (veggie grill march 2007)
So why post about this place again?
Because they give out FREE lunch or dinner to birthday girls like me! If you're signed up for their mailing list, they will send you a voucher for a free bday meal. You better believe that in the 3 days I was home, I had to redeem this gift.

As I walked in I noticed that they had changed their menu around. Added some new items and removed the less popular ones. For me free= trying something new because you have nothing to lose right?

The Bayou Chickin' Burger

Normally I order their drool inducing sweet potato fries but BOY was I sick of sweet potato. I needed something leafy and green. Steamed kale with a creamy dressing hit the spot.

I've said it more than once, if you can go to Veggie Grill in Irvine, CA- it's a must eat (especially if it's your bday and it's free haha)



Cool. I didn't know that they gave you a free dinner for your birthday. Can't wait to join their club, since we there ever weekend.

joanna said...

I'm jealous of all the cool veg restaurants in ca!! that sandwich looks great and probably tastes better because it was free haha