Friday, December 19, 2008

Tempeh Cilantro Noodle Soup

Well I'm minor-ly ill here. Sore throat, achy body and a terrible mood to boot. But that doesn't mean I don't eat ;)
I'm trying to be creative in what I bring for work lunches. I cooked these noodles and sautéed some vegetables this morning and will be making them into a soup at work with some hot water and miso.

I sprinkled the noodles with some toasted sesame oil so they won't stick together by the time I eat them at lunch.

We'll see if the hot water we have at work will be able to reheat this tempeh onion and burdock sautéed from this morning. I'm confident the noodles will be great. We'll see how the rest holds up.

Have a nice day!


1 comment:

Grace said...

Sounds great. I like soups in the winter.