Friday, October 17, 2008

Vegan rubs, pastes and sauces for tofu

All this late night cooking and working all day is starting to make me a little exhausted here. I’m still loving every minute of class though. Then I’m inspired to go home and cook more. The only downside I’ve come across are 1) lack of time to make friends 2) a slight lack of sleep 3) the lack of friends means I have to eat ALL those sweets I’ve been making haha

Great news, I’ve started taking pictures during some of my classes. Enjoy my photos from class.

Indian paste for our tofu. Everyone loved how neon yellow this turned out to be. It was quite spicy and flavorful. I’ll be trying this one at home for sure.

Thai red curry paste- this is the one I worked on. Haha you know I had to volunteer to cook the one THAI dish. Although I must admit it was a little nerve racking because they handed us the recipe and said “this is what you’re making tonight- have at it”. We all pulled it off though. Cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen, where you know where nothing is, takes some getting used to.

All the dishes were served with a big pot of white rice.

My finished baked thai tofu. One of our goals was to focus on making out dish look beautiful before we ate it as well. This particular instructor is a firm believer in "you feast with your eyes before you feast with your mouth"- a philosophy I fully support and agree with. :)

The neon indian curry tofu retained it great color during cooking. I liked the look of this one best but my favorite flavored dish is the next one.

Herb crusted tofu. The mild and subtle flavor of lemon in this dish won me over.

After we all spend a couple hours cooking and preparing our meals, we all sit down and "taste test" them. We also discuss any changes we have made or would make to recipes. It's basically just a lot of food talk :)

I'll be posting class pictures more frequently. They all have this same general format as well. But there has been times where we do "round robin cooking". Where we start with one dish and finish with another so we get to have a hand in everything made.

Hope you enjoy hearing about my classes! If you have any questions comment and I can email you back.


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Veg-a-Nut said...

I Love the herb tofu dish too! It looks like a beautiful cake. Great presentation. :o)