Monday, September 29, 2008

MT Supermarket

I’ve officially found a Thai place! Thank goodness, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could stand life without thai haha. Unfortunately, I was so excited about eating the Thai that I completely forgot to take pictures. It looks like I’ll be doing an official review later.

Other happenings this weekend included:

Going to MT Market! Back home in OC, CA I was about 5 miles away from Little Saigon and I very much took advantage of that fact. Foods like coconut milk are always cheaper there and I would go about 1-3 times a month to stock my pantry and get new ideas for meals. MT Market reminds me so much of home. It is a bit further than I’m used to traveling 15 miles as opposed to my normal 5miles but definitely worth the trek.

I bought an array of fake meats, snacks and veggies. Although I was out of the house for a large portion of the day I felt as if I had been inside far too much and I needed some outside time. Cara, Mike, and I packed up the pups and went to the Greenbelt for a hike. It was beautiful and exactly want I needed.

Food was the thing I could think of the last ¼ of the hike though. I planned a meal out in my head using some of the goodies from my supermarket trip.

Thai polenta with vegan shrimp.

I really wanted to try my vegan shrimp. Basically, I made polenta in veggie broth with some galanga root, cilantro and a handful of my new vegan shrimp. I enjoyed it however, I always feel like I can improve on my first attempt at a dish.

Improvements: citrus or some other acidic ingredient would give more depth to this dish.

Has anyone ever cooked with vegan seafood? It’s new to me and I think it will be something I’ll eat on those rare occasions I still crave fish.


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