Thursday, September 04, 2008

1st day of school!

Tuesday I officially started my Healthier Desserts class at school and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it went. I am partial to baking and sweets myself so it was as if the gods aligned the planets and moons in my favor and send unto me “You will go to school and you will love it”.
Well thank you, Jesus.
I’ve never used agar agar though it is common in many vegan desserts. What if I got it, used it wrong and then came up with a horrible clumpy mess? I am sure not only would I be failing a dessert but giving vegans everywhere a bad name.
Okay maybe that was a bit much but, hey, who likes to fail? Honestly, I’m more than confident now; I’m excited. Probably overly confident considering we just discussed how to make the below:

Vegan Flan- I must make for Cara asap. Flan is her favorite and the maple topping on this is literally to die for.

Lemon bars with cashew cream topping and amasake berry "tart" (that's what I call it).

Lemon bars, meringue, or anything generally lemon doesn’t score well with me but the combination of these bars and the cashew cream was out of this world. I mean I actually liked it, which I wasn’t expecting. Don’t you love it when you think you know something but then you’re completely proven wrong? I do. It just opens up a bunch of new lemony doors : )

Amasake (which I had never even dreamed of before this class) is a fermented rice drink that is very sweet. It paired well with the tart raspberries but the flan and lemon bars were easily my favorite dishes of the class.

Of course we made/ate more than recipes than this but I can’t give away all the goods; actually I couldn’t get pictures of them all haha. Believe it or not those pictures are from my lap and I just happened to have black pants on. Note to self: always wear black pants to class, it makes for good pictures.

Tonight is my knife skills class then I’m heading out for a free showing of Heavy Metal in Baghdad.

Have a great day!



tofufreak said...

ooh yumm! glad that the agar agar turned out well for you. it is a bit tricky to get the precisions right.

everything looks good! (especially for pics taken on your lap :) haha)

Rural Vegan said...

Congrats on your first day - what a fun class!

Carrie™ said...

I can tell you're excited about your new classes and your new school. I'm so happy for you!! I get the feeling you made the right decision. Congrats Teddy!!