Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kick it off with a cupcake

Now that I'm back in the habit of cooking for myself again I figured I'd start my new posts with what I enjoy doing most- BAKING...

This week happened to be a co-workers birthday and that is the only excuse I need to bust out my baking supplies. These cupcakes are vanilla with a lemon frosting.

Now normally I am a pure chocolate loving cupcake baker but for some reason this person enjoys any and everything lemon. I decided to mix it up (no pun intended- unless you like that sort of thing) and try a something outside my norm.

I think they turned out quite well!

What are you favorite cupcakes?



Cara said...


or white cake with the white frosting with colorful balls in them. mmm.

Briana said...

Strawberry!! :)

Rural Vegan said...

That is one cute cupcake with the colored batter inside! Definitely a great start to your return!

Alicia said...

Are those Funfetti?

Anonymous said...

YUM!!!! Fun Fun Fun! Especially in a carrier or on a tree!

funwithyourfood said...

Cara you better like my cupcakes! haha. I'll make them anytime for you! perhaps more this weekend. i'm in a baking mood :) hehe

Hi Briana
i dont' think I've ever had strawberry before.. sounds like I need to start living and give some new ones a try

Rural Vegan
Cute rule number 4599 sprinkles make everything cuter lol

for homemade funfetti you just have to fold some sprinkles in the batter. it's way easy and just as tasty

HEATHER i know that's you!