Monday, January 07, 2008

Strange Popcorn Toppings

Popcorn is a great, low calorie snack. I get tired of the plain old butter flavor. I decided to change up the toppings and this time I went with hot sauce. Since I only put a couple of dashes on top, the popcorn doesn't get soggy.
It's darn near impossible for me to eat an entire bag of popcorn. I divided into two plastic baggies and then I get two flavors of popcorn! The second bag was flavored with a few shakes of Salt Free Spike.

What do you top your popcorn off with?



Cara said...

mmm that looks delish!!

Melody Polakow said...

a tiny bit of evoo , nutritional yeast and braggs all mixed up and drizzled over it. Hot sauce is brilliant.

Veggies,Crafts and Tails said...

I am a popcorn addict!! This looks interesting, I usually stick to just sea salt for topping.

Jeff in MN said...

Chili powder! Yum!

Jeff in MN said...

Chili powder! Yum :)

Anonymous said...

I love popcorn and different toppings.

I like salt, melted soy marg and nooch.

I also love sweet/salty combos and enjoy making caramel corn, but smothering it in salt.

Brown sugar and a little melted PB is also nice.

I generally stick to lightly salted if I'm just looking for a healthy snack, though.

Anonymous said...

cinnamon, salt and pepper, braggs and chili pepper, or salt and honey.