Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

The Food Network and I are great friends. We hang out all the time, we learn from each other (sometimes I get the feeling I learn a lot more from her than she does from me) and we eat together.


Okay. That joke has gone far enough!

No, I'm not actually insane but I did hear about this amazing cake shop from the Food Network.

Let Them Eat Cake

This shop is literally across the street from me and I didn't realize it. Thank you for showing me the oven light Food Network!
Once inside, I wanted to spend hours looking at the displays and reading the WALL of cook books there. I resisted and walked away with only one chocolate bunt cake.

This is photographic evidence of the quality of the cake.

I'm not one for milk of any kind, soy, cow, almond... I had that hunk of dark chocolate with a tall glass of water, you may want some milk though!

If you're in town, give it a shot.



Carrie™ said...

I never used to watch much Food Network. It seemed that whenever I had time to sit down and actually watch TV, there was nothing interesting on. Well, enter TiVo. My latest obsession is "Ace of Cakes." What you had rivals theirs I think. DELICIOUS!

Cara said...

why have you not shown me this? boo. haha :-)

pinknest said...

wow, that's some impressive cake!

Annie said...

The food network is always on in my house. It's to the point whenever friends or family come over, they can't stand it anymore. So if I remember, I change the channel just before they come in so that they don't know it's been on all day. They think I'm freaky for watching it so much!