Saturday, May 19, 2007


Fresh sweet corn from the cob, red, yellow and green bell peppers, onions, home stewed pinto beans, and yes- OKRA.

Pour this mixture over rice (or hey throw some in the pot while it's boiling away) and you've got
a meal that I don't know a name for. :)

Today is the farmers market for anyone who is in the So. CA area, try and make it out! I'll be there.



Melody Polakow said...

Looks fresh and delicious!

Urban Vegan said...

I rarely make okra, and yet I love its gummy texture--so I should make more of an effort. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shananigans said...

YUM! I’ve been known to throw odds n ends in a pot and put it over rice and call it dinner. My honey’s affectionate term for this is “rice slop” :) Okra is also a fun addition to chili recipes. I miss the SoCal farmers markets, send some avocados my way!