Thursday, May 24, 2007

Butternut Squash

Family veg night this week was celebrated with roasted butternut squash filled with homemade stuffing and steamed kale topped off with fresh basil.

Our stuffing was as homemade as you could get! It included homemade bread crumbs from bread my parents baked, sage and green onions from the farmers market as well as organic vegetable broth. You can't go wrong with that combination of food!



Carrie™ said...

You certainly can't go wrong. I'm still loving the family night.

Melody Polakow said...

Wow... it looks amazing!

Annie said...

No you can't go wrong. It sounds delicious! I've been getting more into organics lately. I love shopping in Whole Foods. The only problem is I walk out broke!!!

pinknest said...

that squash looks like a big yummy baked potato with yumminess on top. lol!