Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The restaurant with the larger than life burrito is called Los Primos Cantina.

Los Primos Cantina 488 E 17th St , Costa Mesa 92627 949-650-1486

I just found a GREAT blog with a review of the restaurant.

If you scroll down to the State California Los Primos is list and he's got a GREAT picture of one of their burritos.

I'm telling you, try the veggie monster and see if you're up for the challenge (I think it was only about 6 bucks!)



VeganDoc said...

Great to know there's yummy vegan food in southern Cali. I may be moving there sometime soon :)

KleoPatra said...

I wish i'd gone there when i was up that way last weekend. Next time!!!

Anonymous said...

i'll never forget when i tried taking on one of these by myself. i was trembling at about 3/4s the way through.