Saturday, January 13, 2007

Banana Berry Muffins

We woke up this morning to 50 degree weather and that's just plain COLD here.
It took no time to decide that I wanted to turn on the oven for breakfast. A warm oven means warm MUFFINS!

I opened up La Dolce Vegan and started to plot my muffin adventure. Page 274 has banana blueberry muffins. I never stick to a recipe because I never have all the ingredients required. I tinkered around and came up with my own version.

They turned out wonderful, warm and moist (and the oven heated the house up!)
Today's going to be a quiet day in. Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I need to get back to my couch before Richard eats all my muffins :)



Anonymous said...

they're so cute!!!
la dolce vegan is definitely one of my favorite cookbooks. a lot of people are dissing on it, i don't get why.

Anonymous said...

50 degrees and you are cold? Try 5 degrees here... send warm muffins soon.... fingers are going numb. :b

Anonymous said...

really it was below zero here yesterday! frankly, i'm hesitant to leave the apt today!

these look delicious - so warm and fluffy. nice work!! And thanks for sharing that quinoa salad recipe!!!