Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Vegetarian Christmas

We had a feast over the weekend.

Stuffed tomatoes

John made tofu and veggies in a peanut ginger sauce

Smashed new/red potatoes with rosemary, garlic and leeks.

Fruit strudel from Edwins European Bakery in San Diego

Steamed green beans with sauteed mushrooms.

What did you have for a holiday feast?



pinknest said...

merry christmas! your feast looks scrumptious. that streudel looks so good!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Oh what I'd give for a nice fresh tomato right about now... or some fresh strawberries too!

Anonymous said...

Your stuffed tomatoes look like they're smiling.

We also had green beans for Xmas at our Omni family dinner. Aren't they great?

And that strudel gives me hope...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Teddy & Richard! I'm sorry that I've been rather absent with comments. Too much going on and no time. I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas. Your feast looks marvelous! I'm especially intrigued by the potatoes. Recipe posting time maybe?? (hint, hint) :o)
Also, a belated happy birthday to Richard and I just have to say, I love the photo of your kitty in the water bottles. Adorable!!

Anonymous said...

everything looks great! I'm torn between the peanut veggies and the red white and blue tort... YUM!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful! Our holiday "feast" was actually a much more subdued affair, but we had a couple of good things. Those stuffed tomatoes sure sound great!

Anonymous said...

Yum, i love the food, especially the desert :). i dont do any speciall here, like i was sick, but hopefully i can do something in the 3 kings days!