Thursday, October 19, 2006


I've been neglecting my kitty post. Just wanted you to see that Abbey and Patches are happy as cats in a patch of catnip :)

Patches LOVES water- well to drink it at least. You better stay away from her when she's drinking hehe :)

Abbey looking as regal as ever



Anonymous said...

Cuteness! I love them! Abbey and Patches are so adorable! Abbey looks all queen-like in that photo! Lol!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh LOVE the kitty post and your salad from your last post.. may I say yum.. what a fab. combo! all my fav. in one.. bravo
take care

Anonymous said...

Your cats are beautiful... I wish I could have pets at my apartment. :(

Anonymous said...

bossa nova thinks they're kool katz >^..^<

G said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely kitty pics Teddy. Abbey always gets me 'in the pumper' as she looks so much like our beloved, dearly departed Lois. How we miss her.

These two look so happy, you must be a great Meowmie!!!

Huggs, G