Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kean coffee House

They do a neat leaf design with their mochas

Kean is a specialty coffee house in Newport Beach (right down the road from us).
While this is not a Vegan Mocha there are some GREAT reasons to try this place out.
They sell fair trade/organic/shade grown coffee.
That is what really sold me on this place (besides the casual atmosphere).
I'm sure you can get any of their drinks with soy milk as well. If you're ever in town and craving coffee, stop by Kean.

What is your favorite way to drink coffee?



Anonymous said...

I love coffee art- I'm so intrigued by it. And I'm a big supporter of FAIR TRADE. It's such a simple way to REALLY help coffee farmers (plus it isn't necessarily more expensive than regular coffee). Ok off of my fair trade soap box...

Well I don't really drink coffee anymore once I decided to kick the caffeine habit, but I do drink lots of tea. My current faves are green and chai (but I do love tazo's passion as well). Since your in So. Cal. (and if you like green tea), there's this awesome place in Westwood called Green Tea Terrace. If you're ever in the area I highly recomend that you check it out. They have green tea mochas, lattes... Plus they have crepes and sorbets (mmm-green tea flavor). Although I'm sure if the crepes or sorbet are vegan since I haven't been there in forever. Either way its super cute and quite unique.

Harmonia said...

Hi! I drink tea. When I do DO coffee it's with sugar and non dairy creamer (but it's been a while) or I water it down because I am not into the taste.

I like Chai, too.

Sounds like a neat place!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that leaf design on top of the mocha. I don't drink coffee, but have been known to throw back a chai tea on occassion.

Crystal & Ryan - Café Cyan said...

i don't really drink coffee although I am drinking one right now! (peer pressure I tell ya!) - light white berry, decaf with soy milk and raspberry syrup. I just don't handle coffee caffeine very well.

i do drink teas though - mostly green tea or herbal loose leaf.


Annie said...

That is so pretty. I don't drink as much coffee anymore. Doctors orders because of acid reflex :(

I have it once a week for a treat with dessert. I usually put a little milk or fat-free half & half and a little sugar.

Chai has been my thing lately. YUM!

Anonymous said...

I love coffee art--that leaf is beautiful. One of my dreams is to own a coffee shop, and get really good at making beautiful designs on top! My favorite way to drink coffee? No such thing! I'll drink it however you serve it to me! I love chai too, and green tea. I could live in a coffee house--it would be heavenly.